Audience Reaction Pedal

Stereo Volume Pedal

Audience Reaction Pedal
Finally, A Professional Foot Pedal
designed to meet the needs of the audio engineer. This is a tough, well built unit that will stand up to heavy use for many years.
  • detent adjustment   The spring loaded detent is completely adjustable, accessible at the left rear of the unit. The adjustment range will cover any requirement.

  • leakage adjustment    Each channel is adjustable for low level leakage by pots accessible on the right rear of the pedal. You may calibrate leakage and then switch it in as needed with the leakage bypass switch.

  • pedal bypass   There is a pedal bypass switch easily accessible from the front of the unit.  This makes it very easy to ship tone to tape for calibration purposes.
The JSR P3-STD is your only choice for a high quality and rugged stereo volume pedal made to meet the needs of the broadcast and recording industry.

The P3-STD is warranted for 5 years.
The JSR volume pedal was developed to fill the industry's need for a professional, rugged and reliable volume pedal. It is constructed (detail here) from only the latest in high tech components. The mechanical drive path from pedal to potentiometer is designed to be as rugged as possible, consisting of a 1/2" stainless shaft, riding in polymer bearings (originally developed for NASA), through a delrin gear to a stainless gear mounted on the potentiometer shaft. This potentiometer, made to our specs by Bourns, is rated for 100,000 rotations. These pedals have now been in the field for over 13 years. They have held up extremely well and have only required potentiometer replacement, after 10 or more years of use.

Electrically, the P3-STD is a completely passive and transformerless design.  Because there is no transformer and only resistive loading on each leg of both balanced inputs, frequency and transient response are limited only by the source driving the pedal.  Any source capable of driving 600 ohms should have no problem with this unit as the lowest impedance the source will see is about 1500 ohms.
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